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Today: 10/28/16

Regular Day Schedule

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Tuesday PD Bell Schedule

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CPT- Early Release Every Thursday Bell Schedule

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Harvest Festival, Friday, October 21, 2016



Ms. Paiz, Mr. Ricks, Emily, Rocio, Leadership students, all of the teachers and PLE’s, Counseling Staff, TA’s, Custodial staff, parent volunteers, City Year, Woodcraft Rangers, Alcohol and Drub Prevention, WYLD, Administrators, and all of the many individuals who collaborated on our Harvest Festival - an outstanding example of what we can accomplish when we work together for the beneMit of our students!!!


• Kathy and the aides for getting report cards printed and organized in time for Parent Conference.


• Teachers for having grades completed on time with very few corrections!


• Teachers and Counselors for welcoming our families to Parent Conference Night and taking the time to meet with them even beyond 6pm!


• Ms. Sanchez, Ms. Oropeza, all of the ELA/ELD teachers, and the TAs for completing CELDT testing for over 280 students!!!


• Ms. Shavit, Mr. Linares, and Ms. Mendoza for conducting the Report Card Parent Workshop to review IGPs, GPA calculations, and culmination requirements!


• Teachers for being patient with the Counselors’ calls to meet with students for their Individual Graduation Plan.


• Colonel Spencer, Mr. Harley, Ms. Gonzales, Mr. Vasquez, Mr. Ricks, and Ms. Chavers for allowing me to meet with students in their classrooms to work on the Individual Graduation Plans! (Ms. Shavit)


• Everyone who participated in the Great Shake - search and rescue teams, crisis teams, health team, teachers, parents, and student actors – It was a successful drill!


• Ms. Mendoza, Ms. Martinez, and Mr. Linares for coordinating the Report Card Workshop for parents.


•Teachers and staff for your cooperation for a successful Fire Drill!


• To the 17 teachers who responded to the brief staff survey. Your input is great!


86% of our students had a 96% attendance rate in Sept, and 57 of them had Perfect Attendance, which includes no tardies!
• 100% of our CertiHicated Staff had 96% attendance rate or better in September, and 23 out of 45 of them had Perfect Attendance! Thank you for being here everyday and on time!

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  • Our students’ safety is our number #1 priority! Carver is a closed campus with only one entrance and one exit for students. All visitors are required to sign in and out when visiting during school hours.
  • Carver has one full-time school police officer to encourage positive behavior from students and to patrol and monitor any inappropriate activity in our surrounding area.
  • Carver has a hotline to allow students, parents, and staff to anonymously text safety tips or concerns to our administrative staff. Carver’s Hotline is 856-CHAT-CMS (856-2428-267). We won’t know who is sending a text unless you identify yourself.
  • Carver has six campus aides to supervise students before school and during instructional periods. All administrative staff and out of classroom personnel assist campus aides with supervision during breaks and lunch.

Office Hours

  • Carver’s Office hours are from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. every day. We are closed on weekends and during holidays.

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