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PIP and Compact were sent home on December 4, 2017. For additional copies, visit out parent center.

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Today: 6/21/18

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Partnership for Los Angeles Schools

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Carver parents are featured for their work on student reclassification!


Growth Mindset Motivation


The Mission Continues... Saturday, September 9, 2017

Check out Carver! Click on the video below!

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LA Gardens V4


New Yorkers Remember 9/11

Carver Cougars spent the week talking about empathy and 9/11 during the Social Emotional Lesson in Advisory period...

Carver Awards of Excellence!!!


  • Everyone who contributed toward providing lunch and gifts for Administrative Professionals and Custodian Appreciation Day!

  • Mr. Galeano, Mr. Vazquez, Mr. Ricks, Brandon and City Year, Colonel Spencer, and Joann and Woodcraft Rangers for all of their support with lunch supervision on Wednesday and Thursday when we were short staff.

  • Mr. Becerra for organizing a Dodger trip for students along with support from Ms. Turner, Ms. Martinez, Mr. Bautista, Mr. Chavez, and Ms. Brianna.

  • Ms. Oropeza for coordinating the trip to the Central Library for students. Additional thanks to Ms. Bonnie Jones and Carlos for escorting.

  • Ms. Jennie and the cafeteria staff for arranging lunches on short notice for field trips.

  • Ms. Thomas for organizing a wonderful week of Kindness - from posters to powerpoints!

  • Ms. Gonzales, all counselors, Mr. Ricks and Geo, Leadership students, the Parent Center, Marco, and teachers for all of their support and partcipation with Kindness Week (Ms. Thomas).

  • Ms. Emily and Nurse Xiong for their beautiful banners for Administrative Professionals Day and Ms. Pyun’s Farewell.

  • Ms. Oropeza and Ms. Sanchez for getting the cake and setting up Ms. Pyun’s Farewell Gathering!

  • Parent Center volunteers and Mr. Vazquez for helping Ms. Martinez with the 150th Day Red Carpet!

  • Math teachers for hosting lunchtime SBAC math rallies and Saturday tutoring!

  • Ms. Sanchez, Ms. Carmona, and Ms. Thomas for collaborating on Kindness/SBAC assemblies!

• Ms. Carmona, Ms. Oropeza, Ms. Martinez, Ms. Sanchez, Luz, and Erika for collabora1ng on the Volunteer and Partners Appreciation Brunch! Additional thanks to Emily for making the beautiful banner and to Colonel Spencer and the Carver Cougar Band for their wonderful performance!
• Tarik Smith, Bonnie Jones, and Antonio Brown Sr. for escorting about 40 students on a field trip to UCLA to see a free screening of “Olympic Pride American Prejudice”, which features James LuValle, a George Washington Carver Middle School alum who won the bronze medal in the 400 at the 1936 Olympic Games!
• ELD teachers, Ms. Oropeza, Ms. Carmona, and Ms. Sanchez for a smooth administration of the ELPAC!
• Mr. Ricks for assisting Nurse Xiong with male student health assessments!
• Luz Sanchez and Ana for assisting Dr. Williams while breaking up a fight!
• Officer Gonzales for assisting Ms. Martinez with home visits!
• Ms. Sanchez, Geo, and teachers for testing out devices to ensure that they’re ready to go for SBAC!
• Mr. Linares for finding busses for Grad Nite!
• Willa and The Partnership for bringing snacks and attending the proctor training to support SBAC administra1on!
• Ms. Ennis, Ms. Resurreccio╠ün, and Ms. Illich for welcoming visitors into their classrooms!
• City Year’s Caitlyn for supporting Nurse Xiong with hygiene education!
• Brandon, Sloane, and Mary Jane for their assistance with student safety and building rela1onships with students!
• Nurse Xiong for working diligently to clear the 6th-grade class with their Tdap immunizations!
• Mr. Smith for assisting with a parent concern on Monday.
• Mr. Browne, Ms. Ennis, Ms. Gamez, Ms. Gonzales, Ms. Jones, Ms. Machuca, Ms. Carmona, and Mr. Orellana for attending orientation for AP interviews and staying until 7:30 p.m. to interview AP candidates and thoroughly debrief each candidate’s potential.
• The 5th Period PLE for hyping students up for SBAC by decorating their doors and the hallways!

Much Appreciation To...

  • Teachers, classified staff, counselors, out of classroom staff, and admin for supporting our students, families, and each other during this difficult time of processing the loss of our student, Jose Rojas. Huge thanks to Zee Robinson for helping us create an appropriate message to our families, Central’s Mental Health counselors for being present for our students on Friday, and the Partnership Family for providing the Rojas family with food as well as providing our Carver Family with food.

  • Ms. Gamez for coordinating a successful Career Day with nearly 30 participating guest speakers! Additional thanks to Ms. Martinez and leadership students for helping with background logistics, to all of those who referred speakers for our event, and to our teachers for preparing our students for guests and providing a welcoming environment!

  • Ms. Emily for updating and posting 8th grade Success Points and distributing the Grad Nite flyers.

  • Ms. Luz, Ms. Erica, and Ms. Oropeza for collaborating with the Partnership to bring Parent College Comes to Carver this past week!



  • Our students’ safety is our number #1 priority! Carver is a closed campus with only one entrance and one exit for students. All visitors are required to sign in and out when visiting during school hours.
  • Carver has one full-time school police officer to encourage positive behavior from students and to patrol and monitor any inappropriate activity in our surrounding area.
  • Carver has a hotline to allow students, parents, and staff to anonymously text safety tips or concerns to our administrative staff. Carver’s Hotline is 856-CHAT-CMS (856-2428-267). We won’t know who is sending a text unless you identify yourself.
  • Carver has six campus aides to supervise students before school and during instructional periods. All administrative staff and out of classroom personnel assist campus aides with supervision during breaks and lunch.

Office Hours

  • Carver’s Office hours are from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. every day. We are closed on weekends and during holidays.